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   Cynthia Wicklund


Single Titles Review
41/2 stars

"I have not read such an interesting twist in a historical novel before, refreshingly delicious to read."

Night Owl Reviews
5 stars

"I loved this story. There is not a single thing about it that I disliked."

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Now on sale from Cerridwen Press:
How does a good and honorable man make amends for a wicked deed he committed when he was neither good nor honorable? How does he redeem himself when no one believes he cares? And how does he tell the woman forced to marry him of the supernatural event that transformed his life, leaving him not only a man changed, but a man cleansed of the darkness? Above all, how does he convince his new wife he has fallen in love with her, that he too is worthy of being loved, when the only emotion she feels for him is hatred?

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